The mixture created from more than 100 different wines (of which between 20% and 30% are reserve wines selected to enhance its maturity, complexity and consistency), reflects the diversity and complementary of the three grape varieties:

-Body of Pinot Noir: 30% to 40%
-Smooth Meunier: 30% to 40%
-Delicacy of Chardonnay: 20% to 30%

Yellow straw color with green gold sparkles, it has freshness and mineral nuances and white flowers. The generous palate richness and subtlety combining white fruit (pear, peach, apple), with seductive caress of its fine bubbles.

THE MOËT IMPÉRIAL can be served throughout the meal, from appetizers to dessert and blends perfectly with sushi, oysters, whitefish, white meat (roast chicken farm in juice and herbs), white fruit (white peach tart served with a light cream white chocolate).