<span>MEXICAN WINES</span>

  1. Montefiori Fusione Cabernet/Merlot 2012

    $ 550.00

    Red wine of intense color, very expressive aromas, where red and black fruits stand out.

  2. L.A. Cetto Reserva Chardonnay 2012

    $ 450.00

    Bright pale golden aromas of citrus and tropical fruits like pineapple and melon, with hints of vanilla and butter; on the palate, velvety, smooth, notes of tropical fruit and complex wood aromas are confirmed.

  3. Santo Tomás Único Gran Reserva 2009

    $ 1,700.00

    Dark color with a mild unassuming bouquet. Beautiful subtle tones of plums, cherries, vanilla, and hints of wood and earth.

  4. La Carrodilla Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

    $ 1,400.00

    Intense aromas of ripe blackberry, oak, sweet vanilla, green pepper, licorice and leather. On the palate the first thing that strikes you is an intense burnt caramel combined with ripe dark fruit.

  5. Monte Xanic Gran Ricardo Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

    $ 1,850.00

    It is clean and bright wine with garnet and ruby ​​hue. It has notes of sweet wood, cocoa, snuff, dairy background, cinnamon, rosemary, vanilla, toast, pepper, clove and balsamic.

  6. Tinto del Rancho Mogorcito Cab/Merlot

    $ 1,050.00

    Red wine with variety of black fruits, red pepper and floral notes of violet. Perfect harmony with the aromas of oak and vanilla.